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Born in London to Welsh parents, Ben’s film career has spanned more than twenty years. with

his first feature-film Backstreet in 1995 – when he was just sixteen and studying for his GCSEs – he has since produced half a dozen features ranging from micro-budget to multi-million pound projects.Two years after making Backstreet, Ben produced and starred in the low-budget gangster thriller Tragic Irony. Made on 16mm film for just £6,000, it was a cross between Pulp Fiction and Shallow Grave, taking a sideswipe at the seedier side of Nineties Britain.
Ben Pickering film Fifteen years later, he finally took the plunge and directed his first feature The Smoke, a reimagining of Tragic Irony starring Matt di’Angelo (Borgia), Lili Bordán (Battlestar Galactica) and Alan Ford (Snatch). The London- and Paris-set feature was released in the UK in October 2014 and internationally throughout 2015 as London Payback.
Film director Ben Pickering by Anna Leeson
After co-producing Isle of Man heist caper Longtails starring Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and associate producing The Stranger starring Rachel McDowell (Mamma Mia!), he directed and produced the Cornwall-set psychological thriller Welcome to Curiosity starring Amrita Acharia (Game of ThronesThe Good Karma Hospital), Jack Ashton (Call the Midwife), Richard Blackwood (EastEnders) and Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).The world’s first crowd investor-funded film, after a limited theatrical release in North America in May 2018 it was released in the UK in June 2018.
Ben Pickering film producer On August 28 it will be precisely a long time since the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. remained on the means of the Lincoln Memorial and conveyed his point of interest discourse to 250,000 social liberties supporters of each tint and tone. The words he talked pulled at the heart and unsettled the inner voice of millions who heard him over the wireless transmissions. He piercingly requested that this nation respect its guarantee of "the wealth of flexibility and the security of equity" for all. Who could contend with such a demand, regardless of whether from the point of view of American qualities, or religious ethical quality, or basic human fairness? Who without a doubt? We were a country partitioned, by race, as well as by sensibility. There were millions who tuned in to King's words with shock for the typical trio of reasons: numbness and blame and dread. We have acquired the aftereffects of reasons - nothing not as much as the disappointment of the Black male. As we keep on losing our kids, we lose our families, our networks and our general public on the loose. Since like it or not, we are all in it together.
Ben Pickering books Ruler anticipated that 1963 was not an end but rather a start. The message he conveyed was carefully straightforward, however he realized that change would be neither speedy nor simple. Equity has numerous levels. A nation has its laws. A nation has its offices and organizations and divisions. A nation has its courts. And afterward, a nation has the brains and the hearts and the soul of its kin. Today, as I sit at my work area with the Miami daylight spilling in, I need to think about the advancement of the voyage that was characterized that day in 1963, in perspective of the occasions that unfurl at my doorstep.
Pickering film director Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 (2004) and Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ (2004) proceeded with a long queue of questionable movies. In 1968 John Wayne chose to counter Vietnam War dissents by turning The Green Berets, an accumulation of short stories by creator Robin Moore about the hero like adventures of the US Army Special Forces into a motion picture. Eight years previously the Cowboy Star had washed up while delivering The Alamo (1960), he considered The Green Berets a suitable opportunity battling spin-off. Wayne, who never served in the military,
Ben Pickering detested being known as a legend by the press while the youthful troopers he visited in Vietnam were blamed for being killers. The Green Berets creation issues extended from a trouble from the Pentagon to fight scenes over and over being destroyed while whirling helicopter sharp edges blew the sixty-one year old performing artist's toupee off. It took the majority of Wayne's convincing capacities to get Jack Warner to circulate the film. Upon its discharge numerous faultfinders who restricted the war called The Green Berets awful and exhausting, yet to their extraordinary pain it was a gigantic film industry achievement. Wayne freely said thanks to the East Coast commentators who detested the motion picture for bringing it more consideration, and chuckled the distance to the bank


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